Conclusions on Mittleider Method of Gardening

Mittleider Method has some great ideas and proven practices.  I still prefer to use cover crops, inter-planting and compost.  Nature is interconnected and there are symbiotic relationships with earth, plants and entities of nature that combine to create a healthy environment for all to thrive.  So I will take what works best for me in my garden and add the soil nurturing practices of my organic roots.

What works:

1) I love the trellis system for growing tomatoes and vine crops.  The information on pruning the tomatoes from seedling through production promises to be a best method of growing abundant crops.

3) I like the initial pre-planting mixture of lime, boron, and Epsom Salts in each bed, then weekly feeding of fertilizer with added minerals.  Of coarse I can’t convince myself that the 16 16 16 is really organic so I will substitute my own mixture of yummy food for earth and plant.

2)The double planted 18 inch wide rows with 3 foot paths make it easier to work than the 30 inch wide rows, at least for me.

3) Irrigation with drilled pvc pipe running down the middle of each row with a shut off valve for each seems to be a winner as well.

And so it goes.  I am sure to tinker and look at other ideas to incorporate into my garden nurturing and growing system.  My goal of a diverse, abundant garden in harmony with nature ever evolves.

Happy Gardening!


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